We are leaders in the foundation
and structure sector

We specialize in special surface foundations  and construction of reinforced concrete structures. We offer our customers safe, efficient and economical solutions for any building project.

We use the most advanced construction systems and techniques to guarantee the highest standards of
quality, safety and satisfaction of our customers.

At Encotec, we do all kinds of  projects such as:

• Industrial ships     • Malls     • Blocks of houses     • Single family homes     • Etc.

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We specialize on  the following construction services:

All types of foundations both shallow and deep:

-Wall Footing (may be constructed through stone, brick, plain or reinforced cement concrete)
-Isolated column/Column Footing
-Combined Footing
-Cantilever (Strap) Footing
-Mat (Raft) Foundation
-Pile Foundation (bearing, friction, combined, timber, concrete, steel)
-Pier Foundation
-Well (Caissons) Foundation
All kinds of formworks (shuttering) based on the type of structural member construction such as slab formwork for use in slab, beam formwork, column formwork for use in beams and columns respectively etc.

Formwork can be made out of timber, plywood, steel, precast concrete or fiberglass used separately or in combination.
Concrete slabs
Most oftenly used are:

-Flat Slabs (reinforced concrete slab supported directly by concrete columns or caps)
Slab without drop and column without column head (capital).
Slab with drop and column without column head.
Slab without drop and column with column head.
Slab with drop and column with column head.
-Conventional Slab(supported with Beams and columns) one-way or two-way.
-Grands Slab (used in Basement floor)
-Sunken Slab (provided below the washrooms to hide the sewage pipes or sewerage pipes)
-Hollowcore ribbed slabs
-Waffle Slab

engineering and consulting

In our technical department we have a multidisciplinary team formed by engineers and architects with experience in the design and construction project planning of all types of buildings.
They are able to provide the necessary support and advice in this architectural design phase, respecting the wishes of the client. Our architects create high quality designs at the best price on the market.

In the structural planning phase, we use the most advanced systems on the market which allow us to offer our clients the optimal result of the final project structure  respecting the original design of the architect.

We are able to avoid the structural design problems with the latest constructive techniques available in the market. We offer structure estimation and calculation services for all types of projects.

Why us

best value for money

The best value for money (20% lower than our competitors).

qualified team.

Highly qualified team.


Compliance with expected deadlines.

integral service

Offer integral service.

Environment friendly

Environment friendly.

our own equipement

We do not depend on third parties, we have our own equipement.

We Can Execute Works With Any Level Of Difficulty.

Our technicians will take care of all the details of the project to leave our customers happy and satisfied with our services.

Our Numbers Speak




years of


highly qualified

90k m3

concrete used

80k m2

built surface

The luxury urbanization construction (10 villas) in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Work in execution:
- 1900 m2 of foundation
- 6250 m2 of structure.

San perdo de Alcantara
Construction of the luxury villa Mijas.

Work in execution:
- 2700m3 of earth movement
- 1900m linear micro piles of foundation
- 420m2 of foundation slab.
- 980m2 of solid floor slab.

Foundation and structure of the luxury villa Sotogrande.

Work in execution:
- 2700m3 of earth movement.
- 720m2 of foundation slab.
- 1680m2 of solid floor slab.

Estepona luxury villa construction.

Work in execution:
- 2700m3 of earth movement.
- 1200 linear meters of micro piles of foundation.
- 620m2 of foundation slab.
- 1200m2 of solid floor slab.

The luxury development in Casa Blanca (Benalmádena)

Work in execution:
- 9.800 m3 of earth movement;
- realization of 6,800 linear meters of micro piles of foundation;
- 2.600 m2 of foundation slab;
- 6.450 m2 of grid slab.

The luxury villa in Urb. La Quinta (Benahavías)

Work in execution:
- 2.200 m3 of earth movement;
- 380 m2 of foundation slab;
- 845 m2 of solid slab.

The luxury villa in Urb. La Zagaleta (Benahavías)

Work in execution:
- 7.500 m3 of earth movement;
- realization of 5,700 linear meters of micro piles of foundation;
- 110 110 linear meters of 10-meter-high micro pile wall screen;
- 1.800 m2 of foundation slab;
- 950 m2 of solid slab;
- 1.800 m2 of metallic structure with mixed metal floor.


Our Completed Projects

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Testimonials from our Customers

Our collaboration with ENCOTEC was very productive. They have completed some projects in Malaga and showed that they are great professionals in constrction sector.

Excellent professionals, personal treatment, fluidity in the development and execution of the Project, very competitive prices. They show great knowledge in the field of execution of structures and price estimation. They advise on the different possibilities when dealing with them and give an adequate response in time.

After working with ENCOTEC on several projects and on various occasions I can only recommend them as excellent professionals which technical knowledge is supported by great customer service aiming to satisfy the client by competitive prices. Encotec is definitely  worth recommending.


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